January 2011 UPDATE:

Happy New Year!!!!

January 1st arrived with a snowy wakeup. Merlin and Pixie are enjoying themselves with a morning romp in the bright sunshine.

Last week I went for a CT scan to see where I am at. While there has been more improvement with the current chemotherapy, the CA 125 tumor marker number isn't down as low as we'd like to get it, and it would be best to continue on for another 3 cycles (3 week cycles...1 week of daily chemo, then 2 weeks off). Then another PET scan to see progress. So that takes care of what I'll be doing thru about the first of March. As ususual, I take it one day at a time, and don't make many long range plans. However, I am planning and looking forward to going to BOYC (Bring Out Your Chinas) May 19-22 in Carlsbad, CA. I think this is a "come hell or highwater" event for me. I'd also like to get to a few live model horse shows in CA (send me info if you have a show!)

Museum update: ah, cold. I am waiting to get the fireplace insert installed, so I can finish the tile. Its in the north side of the warehouse, so doesn't interfere with the model area. Am doing final touch up things... odds and ends. So if you're in the area and want to see things... let me know.

Real Horse stuff: Back to Black ("Kobe") got a silver medallion in distance riding at the end of 2010, and returned to Nebraska and J/S Training getting ready to hit the show circuit again in 2011! On Christmas eve... he roped his first live steer and did very well! Watch for him in multiple events in 2011! Thanks so much to Jim and Sandy for helping me keep him on track as our next "great one".

Website: there is now updated info on the Tour Pages for Morton's Studio with dogs, cats and animal sections. I've got the BHR Dogs, BHR Cats, and BHR History pages up. (they can be found in the model main pages, under History at teh bottom of the page). They will be updated as I get time (I do the "sit down" stuff when I'm not feeling up to doing outside stuff). The History page...well... I have to sort thousands of photos and figure out the best way to present them.

As I write this update, I again have to give thanks to the people who have helped me make it this far! One year ago... definately alot different shape than now. I am definately grateful for every day here.