2/18/2011 UPDATE


Not a very prominsing start this month. One the 7th cycle of the latest chemo drug, Topotecan, I had a monthly bloodtest to test the CA 125 tumor marker number. Was 89 last month... now up to 135 and rising (not good). Stopped chemo last week after 3 days... and set up for a CT scan on Friday. Another day from hell for me. Nearly an hour before having to leave for the CT scan, my black and white gelding, Clearly a Classic, presented with what looked like colic. Peter took him in to the vet hospital while I did the CT scan. Cactus died that night. Like losing a part of oneself... again.

Bad news comes in waves... at this point, I'm waiting to hear from UC Davis as I've been refered to there to see what is best to do.

Life on hold... again.

At least someone is happy here... don't invite Merlin over for an overnight stay. This is his 5th bed he's destroyed.