Welcome to Black Horse Ranch! We are located in northern Nevada, 45 miles south of Reno, at the base of the Sierra Nevada range. With our 4,500' elevation, it makes for clear skies, but chilly nights.

Normally, about 35-40 horses call the ranch home, with about 10-15 horses on the show circuit during the year. Foal crops range about 10-12 foals per year.

Facilities include a 15-stall main barn, with 2-12x24' oversize foaling stalls. There are video cameras on all 8 foaling stalls on the property, with automatic lighting. Main barn features a four aisle layout, tack room, feed room, wash area and groom areas, as well as medical areas. The stallion/breeding barn is separate from the main barn and features 5 oversized foaling stalls with cameras, a fully equipped veterinary lab, stocks, wash area and breeding mount. All stallion collection work and AI preparation is done here.

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In the past several years we have offered custom foaling services. Contact Karen Grimm for more information.

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