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The following are selected images of the personal model horse collection of Karen Grimm.

Lots of photos to load so be patient!

Hello and welcome to the model horse wing! The current display area is a total wing on our house, aprox. 1250 sq.'. I have on display, the majority of my own collection, with most Breyer, Hagen-Renaker, Beswick, North Light, and BHR Collection. I own over 7,000+ model horses, and can arrange for visits if you call me in advance! Enjoy the photos, and these are just a sample of them.


Main view from doorway

Upper left view of unique H-Rs

Right upper view of unique H-Rs....
BHR Collection pieces (our own line of resincast horses). Includes test pieces, sample runs, and production pieces.
Bottom portion of Breyer Test Run and Decorator area.
Shelves of Test Color Breyers
Upper Decorator and test Color Breyer section
Lower left section of Breyer Test Colors
Breyer Decorator and Test colors upper left section
Back side of main H-R section... Natafs, Bedouin, 9" Arab Families, QH families, 7" Arabs and QH, 7" TB racehorses. 7" Morgans
H-R cattle, birds, Black Bisques, wildlife...left side cabinet
Right side of cabinet.
Northlight horses, Breyer Porcelains, Borde Fine Arts ltd. eds.
Short case under a south facing window contain glossy Family Arabian sets.
Breyer Woodgrains. Fighting Stallion section.
Breyer Glossy Dapple grey Clydesdales...lots of them!, plus the Mustangs, and oldest Breyers... riders, Original boxes, Breyer novelties.
Right side of the same case....
Breyer Proud Arab Mares and Foals, Five Gaiters, Running Stallions,
H-R Dragons, Sheep, newer issued Minis (they would not fit in the same case as the older minis), and H-R test colors.
Right side of same case. Breyer and Stone limited editions in lower shelf.
H-R Cats....right side.
H-R Dogs upper section
H-R Dogs and remainder of H-R cats.
Breyer Adios, Stretched Morgans, others
Other Breyers
H-R minis...oldest ones....lots of them!
H-R closeups of horse areas
Breyer Classics (some of them...not all are on display)
Beswicks upper left
Beswicks upper right side
Beswicks lower section
Additional Beswick section. (some Royal Dalton as well)
Furthest display wall (east wall)... Breyer Clydesdales, and Breyers that like to fall over)
Repaints... including the BHR "Look-Alike OF", as well as other artist's work that we like.
Breyer Old Timers, matte finished Family Arabian sets, Cantering Welsh Ponies, Prancers.
Hartland Families, 9" and 11" horses, oddities
Upper Hartland section of Horse and Rider series, gunfighters, farm and nativity sets, more 7" sets.
Lower Hartland Horse & Rider area.
Congo line of Breyer Proud Arabian Stallions... OK... so I have a few of them, but how can you choose which to keep????
Newest to the collection area are raised boxes for the limited edition and unusual items.
Top raised facing doorway... Eustis, American Artist items mainly.
Beswick limited edition items and unusual pieces.

OK, so there is the upgraded Model Horse Tour!

Mind you, I do not have room to display ALL my collection, and many of my favorites are not out until I either build an indoor arena with a mezanine to put them in, or find another place for them. These include Leftons, Peter Stones, Metlox, Melba Ware, Dodge Foundry, Mortens Studio, and other china horse manufacturers. Also not shown is my dog and cat collections (mainly ceramic), the famous "ugly chicken collection", and large cattle ceramics. For the moment, this is all that this wing of the house will hold.

Thanks for being patient while images load, and for visiting the Model Horse Room!

Let me know what you think of it.... Modelhorse